Monday, October 30, 2006


Does the mass media in Japan Hide The truth?

Dear Journalists fighting for freedom,
Dear Journalists fighting for freedom,

On October 29, 2006, Mr. Fugita, the president of eHomes Inc. in Japan, emailed a massage to the TBS (Tokyo Broadcasting System) in Japan and released it to every Japanese person from his mixi’s blog ("mixi" is the most famous SNS in Japan).

The points of the message are as follows:

1. Why did not TBS report my testimony that I talked you?

2.The evidence that I passed TBS at last week is only one piece of evidence about crimes of TAMURA&SUIRAC Inc. So please take as much care of it as you possibly can.

3.I emailed President Koizumi this spring to tell him about serious news that there is a high possibility that 2000000 buildings were built with faked earthquake-resistance data in Japan. This is due to Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport Government of Japan ignored eHomes’s advice.

4.Please report my testimony about new faked earthquake-resistance data.

Although Mr. Fujita may yet believe mass media in Japan, many Japanese people do not believe mass media in Japan. They are afraid that the mass media again ignores his claim. Please interview Mr. Fujita. He is glad to take your interviews. Not only he but also many Japanese people ask for your assistance.

Yours sincerely



Please see as follows:

(1) The Daily Yomiuri, Japan ( Oct 18, 2006) "Fujita gets suspended sentence"
Retrieved October 29, 2006 from

(2) The Asahi Shinbun (Oct 19, 2006) “eHomes boss handed suspended term for inflating capital” Retrieved October 29, 2006 from

(3) From the inside, looking in (Oct 19, 2006). "Interesting development in the Huser/Aneha scandal " Retrieved October 29, 2006 from

Have there been any follow-ups on this issue that you're aware of?
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