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Darth Vaders in Japanese mass media vs. Mr. Fujita Togo

Dear Journalists fighting for freedom,
Dear Journalists fighting for freedom,

I here report a biased treatment of Mr. Fujita Togo by the mass media in Japan. He is the president of eHomes Inc. in Japan. On the basis of careful investigations, I concluded that the mass media in Japan has been very unfair to him.

On October 18, the Tokyo District Court sentenced Fujita Togo to 18-months in prison, suspended for three years, for falsifying financial documents to become licensed as a building inspector. He held a press conference at kisha club (official press club) sin Tokyo District Court and spoke to reporters as follows:

(1) "I am sorry for what I did and I will accept the punishment,"(The Japan Times, Japan - Oct 18, 2006)

(2) In spring 2006, eHomes found out that at least three condominiums were to be built with faked earthquake-resistance data and reported it to the Land, Infrastructure and Transport Ministry. The ministry, however, ignored this advice. One condominium out of the three is being sold. I want to prevent new victims. Investigations should be done at the condominium. The name is “The eguzepuriyuto (before the Kawasaki Daishi station)”.

(3) There is a high possibility that 2000000 buildings were built with faked earthquake-resistance data in Japan.

He released a press release at kisha club in Tokyo District Court on October 18.
You can read it on Kikko’s blog (in Japanese):

All of TV and major press in Japan reported the statement (1). However, as for the statements (2) and (3), all mass media such as TBS, Fuji TV and The Yomouri Shinbun ignored them in spite of the fact that they are very serious problems for Japanese people.

Why did the mass media in Japan only report his crime? Why did they not report statements (2) and (3)? It is a very interesting issue.

Mr. Fujita claims that one of the most serious causes is with the system of Japanese kisha clubs.

Someone in Japan claimed as follows: “Mr. Fujita is a person who cannot be trusted. So mass media in Japan does not report his claims. If his claims are not true, a lot of people suffer damage.” I can never agree with this opinion.

Did not mass media in Japan report the news when North Korea announced that they conducted a nuclear test, even though they believe North Korea cannot be trusted? The most important thing is, no doubt, to verify whether or not the information is true. “Truth is truth, even if it comes out of the mouth of Balaam's donkey."

I consider that Mass media in Japan should report Mr. Fujita's claims as follows: “Mr. Fujita claimed that eHomes found out that at least three condominiums were to be built with faked earthquake-resistance data. However, the truth is uncertain. We will verify it and report the facts as soon as possible.”

On October 20 and 21, Mr. Fujita tried to pass the evidence of his claims directly to the Prime Minister Abe. A lot of mass media in Japan took a picture of him, but no mass media reported why he visited the Prime Minister Abe. Fuji TV reported on his behavior of October 20 as if he was making insane claims.

Please see Mr. Fujita's video on YOU TUBE:

Mr. Fujita has also fought Japanese “Darth Vaders” who are in Japanese kisha clubs. They try to conceal information related to Japanese people's life and death.

He now needs our help to keep fighting for freedom and democracy. A number of people in Japan sympathize with his SAMURAI SPIRIT on the basis of “Déclaration des Dorits de l'homme et du Citoyen de 1789”. They are with him and support his mission. They also want to know the truth. They believe that Mr. Fujita's struggle is “Der Kampf ums Recht”.

For all the people who live in Japan the truth should be clarified. The people who love Japan are trying to clarify facts even if some “journalists” in Japanese kisha clubs do not wish it so.

To achieve this purpose, Mr.Fujita & his supporters hope journalists will be able to treat this issue. Contact Mr. Fujita. He is glad to take your interviews. Make him a channel of freedom and democracy. Not only he but also many Japanese people ask for your assistance.

Please see Mr.Fujita's video YOU TUBE:

Mr. Fujita & his supporters dream that one day they can tell Japanese children the story of the struggle for justice in Autumn 2006 in Japan. They believe that no one can kill the truth.

“All truths are easy to understand once they are discovered. 
The point is to discover them.” (Galileo Galilei)

Yours sincerely,



Reporters Without Borders (2002, May 30). Reporters Without Borders urges Prime Minister to reform the kisha clubs system. Retrieved October 29, 2006 from

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